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CUBE has the right accommodation for your budget.

The guest rooms consist of a comfortable and spacious bedroom and a front Showroom. There you can dry your clothes and shoes and keep your sports gear and other equipment safe. The Showroom is fitted with special hanging fixtures designed to “show off” your sports equipment.
The interior of the rooms focuses on the essentials and is thoroughly functional. Next to each bed is a rolling cabinet that discreetly makes your luggage “disappear”. Deposit boxes with locks keep all your valuables safe.

CUBE SAVOGNIN offers you the following types of rooms:

  • 2 bed rooms
  • 4 bed rooms
  • CUBE suites

All rooms feature:

  • shower and WC
  • hair dryer
  • showroom with shoe dryer
  • underbed drawers with locks
  • TV
  • free WiFi